The StillRoads EP

by The StillRoads

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This is our first OFFICIAL EP


released October 3, 2013

The StillRoads are: Kevin Whitton, Ben Roy, and Daniel Carr



all rights reserved


The StillRoads Hartford, Connecticut

Hello, we are The StillRoads an independent Rock n Roll/alternative/garage rock band from Hartford, CT. We love playing creative and interesting music and playing loud, we want to restore music to what it used to be...ABOUT THE MUSIC. Listen to our songs and we hope you enjoy them. Feel free to comment and check out our other sites. Our booking email is ... more

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Track Name: My Cloud 9
It's Alright, It's Ok
Another one headed my way
Maybe it's the sun or it's the rain.

-Cause I feel good, In my head, it's all the same, my cloud 9

It's Alright, its Ok
Nobody knows my name but i feel fine

-I feel good, in my head, it's all the same, my cloud

It's all the same...
Track Name: Camera Lens
You can judge me i don't give a damn, cause i don't wanna live my life with my head in my hands,
I went walking on the south side of right, a faulty camera lens in my head and a greyhound by my side.

My shoes don't walk no more i threw em in the lake
headed for the desert no i can catch a break,
i don't have any cares anymore ya i left them all behind,
theres a ringing on my telephone but i pay it no mind.

-Your breaking up, and i cant get much younger, talking to you dear
-Your breaking up, as if i wanna hear, what you have to say, so im gonna go my way.

All those pretty faces that i left behind, ain't quite like the one i know i'm bound to find,
Some day maybe i will find myself, and if i don't well thats ok lets drink to good health.

All road lead back to nashville, maybe i'm a man maybe i'm a ghost, the eyes behind this 50mm camera never seen brighter days.

(Repeat chorus)

Track Name: Hello, My Gypsy Queen
Rainbow drops on my window pane
misty mountains colors of old
Beautiful soul lets mine escape,
Hello, my gypsy queen

Skin like rain and eyes like sun,
who is who and what is what
thoughts linger like a trigger-less gun,
she's the one that i'm thinking of,
Hello, my gypsy queen

-And if i bend, then i will break-

Her smile makes me feel at home
when i dream i dream alone
she's got hair down to her toes
nobody knows which way she'll go
she's got freedom in he bones
an open mind with an open heart,
Hello, my gypsy queen.
Track Name: Only an Average Song
Nobody knows where to run, cause they don't know what they run from
Everybody's lookin the same, cause everybody's feeling the same way.

Nobody knows when to stay, cause we keep running away
This time i think i'm done fore, cause i keep feeling this way

-This is an average song, one thats already been sung
And i keep on singing the same thing cause i don't wanna talk anymore

If we keep fighting this way, the human race will be gone
in our lifetime, and people, and children unborn

-This is an average song, one thats already been sung,
and i don't wanna talk anymore cause radiations at my front door.
Track Name: Elevators
You woke up in an elevator, stuck on the 13th floor,
nothings changed round here since 1984,
Alimony alimony will it ever end.
I dont sleep to much these days, stuck here with the bends.

-Time, will fade,
Time will rearrange
Come on over
but remember

--Don't show me love (x4)

Posters hang around, like shadows on the wall
I refuse to crawl, ever since the fall
Talking fish and bottle kids are creeping in my dreams,
and the elevators falling fast, breaking at the scenes.

-Time, will fade
Time will rearrange,
Come on over,
but remember